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September 27th, 2007

Kettler has added 4 new machines to their selection of cross trainers that include the MONDEO ST CROSS TRAINER, the CTR 3 CROSS TRAINER, the VITO EXT CROSS TRAINER and the NORDIC TRAINER.

Earlier this month we featured the all new Nordic Trainer, but today we have a look at the Mondeo ST Cross Trainer.

kettler-mondeo-st.jpgThe MONDEO ST is a good all-round cross trainer that works all major muscle groups. It is fitted with high quality double ball bearings and the rear disk joints have quality pendulum ball bearings which ensure a smooth action. It has a 15 stage resistance setup which is generated by a motorised magnetic-brake system.

The display console is a high resolution LCD with twin display. The graphic display shows load profile while the digital display provides details of load stage, stride rate, speed, distance covered per session, total distance covered, energy consumption, pulse rate, exercising pulse rate with percentage display of set upper limit, recovery pulse rate with general fitness mark between 1 and 6.

You can get your average values at end of training session for pulse rate, speed, and stride rate. There are many different pre-exercise settings which can easily be entered on the sweat-proof foil keypad.

The computer can automatically set an exercising pulse range depending on training target and performance level (fit/fat/manual). It will display your heart rate as a percentage display of current pulse rate with reference to your maximum pulse rate. Pulse measurement is by hand sensors or ear clip. Cardio pulse set is available as optional accessory

There are 8 different training programs to choose from including pulse-rate controlled training.

RRP Ā£550

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