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August 10th, 2007

adidas has launched a new running shoe with ‘bounce’ technology which channels all your energy into propelling you forward, into your stride.

The sleek new BounceTM shoe is perfect for gaining the edge on your competitors whether on the running field or on the high street.

BounceTM ‘structures’ under the heel of the shoe provide a rebound effect on impact and springboard you forward.

To highlight the shoe’s advanced technology, these ‘structures’ are visible for the first time through a transparent heel panel and are developed to create a lighter weight shoe and help cushion your step.

From the striking blue colour pallet to the unique BounceTM structures in the heel, this shoe is perfect for the person who wants a head start on the field and the street.

Footwear sizes range from 6-12 and are priced at £65.

2 Responses to “Put The Bounce Back Into Your Stride”

  1. farooq Says:


    i like these shoes alot, these are the best shoes ever suites me. i had one pair last year and wanted to buy another one but no one does them anymore in glasgow. could you please help me to buy them even online would be fine.

  2. David Says:

    hi Farooq,

    Adidas are about to launch an all-new online store for the UK at the begining of July. You could try them direct. Alternatively try e-bay.

    All the best


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