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September 19th, 2007

Kettler have just launched their new range of multi-gyms that includes the new Basic E Power Centre, the Ultra E and the Ultra Pro E.

All three models come with the new Gymmonitor computer that allows you to store settings for 6 different exercises and data for upto 4 people.

The Gymmonitor measures time, exercise repeats, raining sets, display of weight per repeat and total weight. An audible signal is heard when the target range is reached.

kettler-basic-e.JPGThe Kettler BASIC Powercentre (right) is a compact power pack that occupies less than 1.5 square meters and has an 80Kg weight stack. RRP £750 / €1073

The Ultra E (left) is a complete workout centre for the home that allows you to work the major muscles of your chest, back, legs, arms and shoulders. The 80Kg weight stack can be further increased to 100kg for a more intense workout. RRP £995 / € 1423


The ULTRA-PRO E (right) is a complete fitness studio that occupies 4 square metres. Due to two weight blocks independent of each other it’s possible for 2 people to exercise at the same time. Now you have no excuse for not working out with a friend. RRP £1500 / €2146

Multi-Gym buyers guide

September 19th, 2007

Buying a multi-gym is a significant investment and can be a daunting experience. With so many different brands and types to choose from it’s difficult to know which is the right one for you. However, if you follow a few guidelines then you should be able to narrow your choice and select a multi-gym meets your needs.

Why do I want a multi-gym?
It may seem obvious, but make sure you ask yourself this question before you decide to buy a multi-gym. They’re not cheap and you’re probably going to have to set aside a significant area of your house or garage to accommodate it.

However, there’s no doubt that if you invest in a multi-gym you can save yourself a shed load of money rather than joining a gym.

Read more »

What is a multi-gym?

July 25th, 2007

A multi-gym is a stand alone piece of equipment that allows you to perform various resistance exercises. It’s one of the most popular machines that you’ll find at the gym.

You can purchase a multi-gym for home use, although you will need a spare room or a garage to house it.


Most multi-gyms will allow you to exercise your chest, back, legs, arms and shoulders. Some ranges of multi-gyms, have “add-ons” available which can be purchased with the basic machine, or added later. Read more »

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