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September 6th, 2007

Kettler have just launched their new range of cardio machines that includes the Nordic Trainer.

kettler-nordic-trainer.jpgIf you’re into cross-country skiing and want to get fit for the winter, then why not consider the Nordic Trainer.

It combines tried and tested cross-country training technique known as “extended motion” with a rope-pull system, thereby effectively exercising all the body’s muscle groups.

It’s not just a great workout for skiing but it also gives you a great cardio workout and also works your upper and lower body at the same time.

With cushioned steps and freely swinging arms you can train just as effectively as when running. The main advantage of the Nordic Trainer is that you will be using considerably more muscles and avoid unnecessary strain on the joints.

The long flat elliptical movement avoids the jarring impact of running when your foot hits the ground. The rope-pull system also helps to tone the muscles of your arms and torso.

Not surprisingly, the calorie consumption and oxygen absorption are up to 50% higher than during normal walking. Regular exercise with the Nordic Trainer will surely help you to drop those excess pounds and get a great workout.

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