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July 11th, 2007

Timex®, launches a comprehensive line of Fitness Series Heart Rate Monitors (HRM) for 2007, which is available in stores now.

The Timex Fitness Series is made for the everyday fitness enthusiast. Designed for exercise devotees of every level, from novice to expert, the Fitness Series features large displays, easy-to-use instructions and only the most essential functions. The line is comprised of three models, Easy Trainer™, Personal Pacer™, and Zone Trainer™.

Easy Trainer is ideal for the regular exerciser looking for a simple heart rate monitor. Personal Pacer is perfect for the active exerciser who enjoys various forms of physical activity from bike riding to running on the treadmill.

Zone Trainer, in a variety of styles for men and women, has a comprehensive range of functions geared to the more intense exerciser interested in maximizing training. Each is an invaluable tool for those trying to achieve a better level of physical fitness.


Heart rate provides an objective gauge of physical exertion. By providing a quick view of the heart rate, the HRM helps the user manage energy and organize workouts.

HRMs work with two basic parts, the sensor and the receiver. The sensor, which is attached to an elastic chest strap that keeps it in contact with the skin, detects and records the electrical activity of the heart via electrodes. The sensor then broadcasts the heart rate data to the receiver or “heart rate watch” that displays the beats per minute.

Timex differentiates its Fitness Series from other HRM brands with unique features and functions such as digital transmission and 27-lap recall, both features of the Zone Trainer model.

“Timex’s new Fitness Series HRMs are practically a fool-proof way to help fitness enthusiasts lose weight and gain muscle,” says, Melanie Valerio, an Olympic gold medalist swimmer and triathlete. “The watches allow people to assess how their body is doing physiologically while working out, and by monitoring maximum heart rate and various zones, the HRM provides assurance that the user is maximizing his or her exercise time.”

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