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July 23rd, 2007

Polar have unveiled its pioneering new cycling system, the Polar CS600. It’s been developed to meet the demands of serious performance-based riders. This new system allows cyclists and their coaches to plan their training, measure and record their performance and comprehensively analyse the results to help push themselves to their limits and beyond.


It took 4 years in development and the CS600 delivers accurate information on the body’s performance, cycling technique and environmental data. It surely provides the most complete overview of cycling performance - combining time, speed, and distance, altitude, inclination and cadence measurements.

The computer incorporates a unique cycling efficiency feature designed to help riders improve their cycling economy by interpreting their efficiency ratio to help improve their performances during long exhausting races. With data transmitted wirelessly from power output, speed and cadence sensors to the CS600’s bike-mounted aerodynamic unit, its large customisable display offers cyclists instant feedback at the touch of a button.

The CS600 offers easy-to-check graphical representations of riders’ absolute, average and relative heart rate, as well as their relaxation rate which indicates the state of physical recovery. In addition, other performance features include:

  • Power Output Sensor – measuring speed, distance and chain speed this optional sensor provides valuable information on power output, cycling efficiency, pedalling index and L/R balance.
  • Cadence Sensor – provides accurate data on the pedalling rate with disturbance free transmission.
  • Altimeter – shows current altitude, ascent and descent for route profiling.
  • Incline measurement – whether tackling a gruelling ascent, challenging sprint or recharging descent this feature will measure the steepness in percentages and grades calculated from the altimeter.
  • Energy Output –track your calorie consumption to ensure sufficient intake.
  • Polar sport zones – an easy way to select and monitor the intensity of your training.
  • OwnOptimizer™ - shows the status of your training load to help find the perfect balance between training and recovery.
  • 99 memory files – automatically stores all bike, body and environmental data from the last 99 sessions.

Analysis between training sessions is managed by a set of planning and analysis tools, Polar’s ProTrainer 5™, to update and download the personal data from the CS600 to your computer. The Windows-based training and planning software allows riders and their coaches to prepare a detailed training programme as well as comprehensively analyse all recorded data. You can also keep a dairy of past sessions, and transfer preset training settings and reminders to the bike mounted unit

Polar’s flagship cycling computer is available from leading sports stores at a manufactures recommended retail price of £284.50.

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