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August 16th, 2007

30 years ago the marathon was the most testing and extreme of sports, now it’s the Ironman Challenge.

In 1978, there were only 15 challengers; in 2007 there will be 1700. The marathon covers 26.2 miles whereas the Ironman Challenge covers 140 miles! It comprises a 2.4 mile swim; 112 mile bicycle race; and to finish a 26.2 mile marathon! It can take up to 17 hours to complete.

That’s a lot of puff and a lot of deep breaths. However, help is at hand. If there’s one thing POWERbreathe understands, it’s better breathing and how it improves physical performance and endurance.

That’s why POWERbreathe has launched the POWERbreathe licensed Ironman PLUS and Iron Girl PLUS series. These devices have all the added benefits and hi-tech design features of the POWERbreathe PLUS series and are available in 3 different resistances, light, medium and heavy.

PB plus Ironman

POWERbreathe have also confirmed their sponsorship of the Ironman Challenge 2007. This is the first UK product that Ironman has chosen to be associated with, and the multi-year partnership is surely proof of its recognition as a world-class brand.

Find out more at POWERbreathe.

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