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September 28th, 2007

Polar Electro UK have introduced a range of new look heart rate monitors that will help complete any workout experience in style. By combining attractive looks with their most innovative features, Polar have created their popular range of fitness monitors in fresh and exciting new colours.

polar-f11m.JPGDispelling the myth that heart rate monitors are only for elite athletes, Polar’s impressive looking monitors have been developed to allow all exercisers to train in style and at a heart rate that is beneficial and effective to them and their personal needs.

Reinforcing their commitment to personalised training, Polar’s new range of F4, F6 and F11 exercise motivators will not only assist but also compliment a workout.

By incorporating their trademark features with attractive new looks, Polar have developed their fitness monitors in 10 new vibrant colours. As the ultimate training partner for anyone challenging themselves to new fitness levels or working on weight loss goals, these new look monitors will enhance workout effectiveness and improve training results, accented with cool design.

Including features for planning, monitoring and analyzing your workout, Polar’s fitness monitors are one of the most effective motivational tools to own.

polar-f6f.JPGRecording and reading the instant and accurate feedback on the calories being burnt, how the body is responding to exercise and the intensity of the training, is the best way to keep you going. From one glance at the stylish wrist unit users will know if they are burning fat or building stamina through their tailored cardio workout programme.

Available now in attractive new colours including: electrifying Pink Fizz, Red Fire, Blue Glow, Green Tea and Blue Gold, these innovative monitors will surely help to ensure exercisers achieve their fitness goals.

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