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September 26th, 2007

The new Bodylink® System from Timex is the total package when it comes to helping you achieve your training goals. Regardless of whether you’re working to become fitter or training for a particular target time, the Timex Bodylink® System can help you achieve your goal.

timex-bodylink-system.jpgImprovements on the first generation Bodylink® System include four linked interval timers, which can be used in conjunction with heart rate or just as a timing device. Additionally, the new 3D GPS unit is smaller and lighter, suitable for all types of weather, built-up and wooded areas.

The predictive finish timer allows you to train and compete at the correct pace for your target time. The unit is constantly updating indicating whether you should speed up or slow down.

With the summary mode the Bodylink® System allows you to review altitude, speed, distance and heart rate performance data at end of each workout. Whilst exercising the 3Line LCD displays Speed, Heart Rate, Lap Pace, Distance and Ascent Rate in various customisable formats.

The Timex Bodylink® System comes with the ability to view Heart Rate, Altitude and Speed + Distance Data whilst training. Timex’s digital transmission system protects your data from other heart rate monitors and most exercise

The Timex Bodylink® System offers athletes and fitness enthusiasts the ability to track, store and analyse several key indicators of personal performance.

Using the very latest in digital technology, the Bodylink® System is a network of up to 4 devices worn on the body that act together as single information and sport monitoring system.

With the purchase of the Data Recorder 2 (accessory), the Timex Trainer software automatically uploads and logs workout data, generates graphs and calculates summaries.

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