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August 9th, 2007

6’4” Freddie is a hard hitting, fast bowling, larger than life character who has developed into the favourite amongst fans – the one they all come out of the bars to watch!freddy.jpg

Although Freddie has suffered through injuries, he has recently emerged fitter than ever and looks ready to establish himself amongst the all-time greats. To ensure that he maintains his high level of fitness, Freddie will be working out regularly on his newly installed Johnson fitness equipment.

To maintain his peak fitness level - which enabled him to work up a 90mph pace with the ball - Johnson fitness equipment was recommended by his fitness advisors. As well as having the privacy of keeping fit at home, he will also be able to spend quality time with his family, another benefit of choosing Johnson Health Tech to handle the design and installation of his new gym.

Johnson Health Tech is also associated with sporting talents such as Jonny Wilkinson, David Beckham, Steven Garrard and Juan Pablo Montoya and shares their determination for success.

These great sporting personalities have been delighted to choose Johnson Health Tech to supply fitness equipment in their specialised home gyms. Fitness is crucially important to these celebrities and the fact that they put their trust in JHT equipment to assist with their punishing fitness regimes reinforces the credibility of JHT fitness equipment.

Johnson Health Tech is becoming a major player in the commercial market and its ongoing strategy is to become the number one supplier of fitness equipment in the UK.

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