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August 29th, 2007

With the World Athletics Championships underway in Osaka, the British athletes are keeping their cool thanks to the latest kit from adidas.

The UK Athletics team kit has been specifically designed to help keep British athletes cooler for longer.

Inspired by the Team GB Athens 2004 Olympic sportswear, the new UK Athletics team kit features ClimaCool technology. This is a revolutionary tried and tested heat management system which will help combat the sizzling temperatures in Osaka.

Competing in temperatures of 30 degrees centigrade places huge demands on an athlete’s body, increasing tiredness and decreasing work capacity. With performance at threat, managing core body temperature will be crucial for maximising athlete performance and having the best available kit is vital.

ClimaCool conducts heat quickly away from the skin through a complex ventilation system enabling athletes to remain cooler for longer. It acts like a personal air conditioning system for every athlete. ClimaCool will combat the record breaking temperatures in Osaka, ensuring the UK Athletics team is fully equipped to perform to its maximum potential this summer.


Olympic Gold medallist and team captain, Marlon Devonish said: “The adidas ClimaCool kit allows my body to stay cool and helps to keep my performance stable no matter how hot it gets out on the track. Medals are won or lost by margins as small as 100th of a second so it’s important to wear such an advanced kit.”

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