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August 22nd, 2007

British adventurer Roz Savage, 39, who last year rowed alone across the Atlantic, is attempting to become the first woman to row solo across the Pacific Ocean.

For the Atlantic challenge she worked hard to build up her powers of endurance. She was training for up to 16 hours a day on her WaterRower machine. Roz said “Rowing for 16 hours is never fun, but the WaterRower made it much more tolerable - it felt relatively gentle on my back and the rowing stroke felt realistic, right down to the sound of the water swirling in the drum.”

This time she is building on her experiences of the Atlantic Challange and hopes to cross the world’s largest ocean in three stages.


Stage One:
Presidio Yacht Club, San Francisco (37 50′N 122 28′W)
to Waikiki, Hawaii (21 17′N 157 50′W)
2081 nautical miles, 2395 statute miles, 3854 kilometres, bearing 252 degrees

Stage Two:
Waikiki, Hawaii (21 17′N 157 50′W)
to Tuvalu (8 30′S 179 12′E)
2180 nautical miles, 2509 statute miles, 4038 kilometres, bearing 217 degrees

Stage Three:
Tuvalu (8 30′S 179 12′E)
to Cairns, Australia (16 54′S 145 48′E)
2020 nautical miles, 2324 statute miles, 3740 kilometres, bearing 252 degrees

You can find out how Roz is getting on with her latest challenge by clicking here.

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